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How much do we really know about rural youth?

Businesses often list “the next generation” or “youth” as a priority within their plans but how much do we really know about this audience, and how many businesses spend the time to find out what their real challenges and aspirations are? The research to date amongst rural young people, both nationally and internationally, has been
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Nick Nairn – How to cook grouse

Today’s guest blog has been written by award-winning Scottish chef, Nick Nairn: Grouse remains for myself and many others, the king of game birds. I like grouse roasted on the bone for an all-round better taste and texture. Roast grouse is where traditional cooking and accompaniments can’t be beaten – bread sauce, game gravy, roast tatties.
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Where next for Scottish rural development policy?

Over the last few years I’ve been involved in discussions that government holds with stakeholders about the future of the CAP and the rural development programme (SRDP). These have been important, often very detailed discussions about the best way forward with big implications for rural Scotland. But these discussions go in cycles associated with European
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Landowners’ Commitment Launched

The launch of the landowners’ charter earlier this week reflects our deep-rooted desire to express the positive story of landowners in Scotland. In the days since the charter was launched, we have experienced a hugely encouraging reaction to the commitments we have set out. Why? Because most know that the vast majority of landowners already
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Reflections on a summer with Scottish Land & Estates

As my summer draws to an end, I think it’s time to reflect on the last few months with Scottish Land & Estates. It has to be said that this has certainly been an enjoyable summer, with lots of new challenges to overcome which I hope I have managed without causing too much chaos and
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Pragmatism key to SRDP

The Scotland Rural Development Programme is really important. Injecting £1.326bn into rural economies is no small matter and we need to get it right. Although the budget is smaller than the headline budget last time round – and although we sit at the bottom of the rural development funding tables – it is a vital
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Finzean Farm Shop

Welcome to the new Scottish Land & Estates’ Blog

2014 promises to be a busy and eventful year for everyone in Scotland, not least land, farm, estate and rural business owners and managers. Keeping our members up to date and remaining in contact and dialogue with all those with an interest in Scottish rural issues, particularly in busy times, can be a challenge. We
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Scottish Tourism week – so good they made it a month!
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How much do we really know about rural youth?
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