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A new direction for Scottish land management

In Scotland today we stand at a crossroads in terms of rural policy. There are a number of decisions and debates that are coming together to make this a pivotal moment that will shape rural areas for decades to come. Whatever happens—whether we leave the EU, become a completely independent country or become an independent
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Time for a new age of estate management?

It is looking to be an interesting season ahead of us, with varied grouse reports similar to last season – from nothing to record breaking summer counts, and a good year for deer in the west with a wet July providing good grazing for stags and hinds. The first roar I heard was on the
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A Vision for the Uplands

If only there was one shared vision, life would be simple! This week the Scottish Wildlife Trust (SWT) added its thoughts to the varied mix of those already expressed on how the uplands should look and be managed by launching its Uplands’ Policy document entitled ‘Living Landscapes in the Scottish Uplands’. Scottish Land & Estates was
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Towards a more strategic approach to land use?

Land use is right at the top of the political agenda at the moment and in addition to all the activity on land and farm tenancy reform the Scottish Government has been consulting on a revised Land Use Strategy. The original strategy was established under the terms of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009, presumably
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How we use land has never been more important

Article written by Anne Gray, Policy Officer (Environment) at Scottish Land & Estates.  I’ve been asked to finish off the year with a blog on something other than land reform! As a Scottish Land & Estates employee that’s more tricky than you might think. It is almost impossible to go into a meeting of any kind
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Wildfires: Prevention Better than Cure – by Michael Bruce

Large, intense wildfires pose a threat to people, property, and conservation interests.  They need a lot of resources to extinguish and are therefore also expensive to put out. We have had a run of bad fire seasons, with multiple landscape scale fires in 2011, 2012 and 2013, especially in the spring period. Questions are being
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Sporting Rates implications for farmers

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The Land Reform Bill is a beast of many heads and one must be careful not to focus on the biggest while a smaller one unexpectedly bites. The focus of the Bill for many farmers will likely be the agricultural holdings section. However, anyone who owns or occupies land should not overlook section six which
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A new direction for Scottish land management
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