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Spotlight on the community role

Scottish Land & Estates has been working alongside other stakeholders to help deliver 1 million acres of land in community ownership on a willing seller basis by 2020. Last week the spotlight turned on progress to-date as Scotland’s Chief Statistician published the Estimate of Community Owned Land in Scotland 2017 report. The report outlines the
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Sporting Rates – Much Ado About Nothing?

Amongst the bank statements which remain unopened, the Farmfoods flyers which go straight to recycling, valuation notices will be hitting door mats across the country. As the reintroduction occurred, there was enough theatrics about ‘taxing the lairds’ to be suitable for a Shakespearian play but now that the Bill has passed and valuations are known,
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Making the Most of Our Land

This week’s guest blog has been written by Andrew Thin, chair of the new Scottish Land Commission. These are testing times for a small country on the fringes of Europe. Even without the potential ramifications of Brexit we will have our work cut out if we are to maintain our relative position in the world
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Food for thought on tenant farming

By Grierson Dunlop, an agricultural law solicitor, and member of Scottish Land & Estates’ Agricultural Holdings Group. The new Land Reform (Scotland) Act is taking root and as Ministers and civil servants grapple with the nuts and bolts of the legislation, many eyes will be focused on the implementation of Section 10 of the Act
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Whither agriculture?

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After what has seemed like an almost endless process of consultations, review group reports, Government reports and press releases back and forth, the Land Reform (and Agricultural Holdings) Bill has now moved one step closer to being passed, with the Stage 3 debate scheduled tomorrow after which it’ll either be passed or rejected by our
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The Scottish Government’s vision for land reform

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Members of Scottish Land & Estates are firmly of the view that the use of land is as important – perhaps more – as who owns it. We believe in diversity of ownership and no matter who owns land, making the most of it for widespread benefit is a common goal. One thing that is
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Land reform – the real challenges we face

The land reform debate continues apace and this week I was pleased to be invited by The Scotsman newspaper to join a panel on whether or not Scotland is asking the right questions on this issue. I appreciate that we are steaming towards the business end of the current Land Reform Bill and changes to
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West Agri and Rural Affairs Group

Landowners are the key to a prosperous farming future

Well here we are, it’s August, and there’s only 19 Fridays left until Christmas – what a cheery thought for the day! Santa will soon be starting to compile his naughty or nice list, and ponder which presents he will leave for each under the tree. For Scottish landowners, it may seem that the decision
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Being a laird doesn’t make me a villain

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As someone who owns a 13,000 acre Highland estate, there is no shortage of people who will regard me as one of the ‘too few who own too much’ of Scotland. Critics may dismiss me as an out of touch ‘laird’, detached from the local community indulging myself in my own private playground. It is
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Land Reform and the politics of deflection

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I was asked recently to contribute an article on land reform to The Financial Times and writing for an audience that is in large-part UK and internationally based gave me pause for thought as w hen you step back from the maelstrom of Scottish politics the issue does take on a different perspective. The core
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