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Beef Efficiency Scheme (BES) - tissue tags


The Government put out a statement this week to those in the Beef Efficiency Scheme about delays in issuing tissue tags.  

Beef producers who have signed up to the Beef Efficiency Scheme (BES) are required to use tissue tags to enable genetic analysis to be undertaken. There has been a delay in issuing the tags and the Scottish Government wish to alleviate concerns around this.  As such an email or letter was issued to scheme applicants.

The Government is aware that some applicants will have already sold a number of their calves born in 2016 and we are seeking to assure them that there will be no penalties for farmers who have sold the calves.    If they normally sell at this time of the year they don’t need to hold off and should continue with their normal practices. The Government will use data from the British Cattle Movement Service to establish which calves have already been sold in order to make the genotyping selection from the animals left on a holding. As there can be a delay in receiving details of sales from BCMS data we will also make a selection of alternative animals that can be used if any of the animals in a selection have been sold.

If a genotyping selection for a business can’t be made because a producer has sold the majority of their animals, additional animals will be selected next (2017) year. There will be no penalty for this.

Due to the delay in issuing tissue tags, the return period for tags will be extended until June 2017. This flexibility will allow producers to carry out tissue tagging at a time which suits their business and removes the need to carry out any additional handling as many businesses will have housed their animals for the winter and do not wish to re-handle calves at this time.

Advice has been published on and customers requiring any further advice should contact the helpline on 0300 300 2222.  A issue date for tissue tags will be notified once the genotyping selection has been made.


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