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Farmers told to get house in order while they have income certainty

Scottish Land & Estates’ member Andersons Northern launched their Agricultural Outlook 2017 on Wednesday in the Borders. At the well attended event, farmers were warned that Brexit is the biggest challenge of modern times and they need to make sure they are on a firm footing before it happens. 

Andersons Northern Director, David Siddle, gave an excellent appraisal of the current situation in farming, which is benefitting at the moment from a weak pound.  However, this is likely to be a short-term gain, with Brexit, when it happens, requiring a major rethink of farm income streams, profitability and the need to be much more market orientated.  Co-operation between farming businesses was also highlighted as an approach that could give better efficiencies and a strong voice in the supply chain. 

Mr Siddle also predicted that income support to farmers will in future be much more focussed on delivering environmental objectives – this is a prediction with which Scottish Land & Estate concur.


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