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ECCLR: Report on Deer Management

On Monday 3rd April the ECCLR committee published its report on Deer Management in Scotland. This report addresses the SNH 2016 review of deer management in Scotland and also the previous RACCE committee recommendations and those of the Land Reform Review Group.  
In the report the Committee acknowledge progress has been made in recent years, but that deer management remains a complex issue with competing objectives, within and across deer management groups, and in areas which do not have an established deer management group.
It acknowledges there has been an overall decline in deer numbers in the past 10 years, however it concludes deer are still impacting significantly on the natural heritage and greater focus and urgency is needed to address the challenges of deer management across Scotland. A range of measures are proposed in the report including further consideration to the introduction of a “statutory duty of sustainable deer management”. 
The report will now be considered by the Cabinet Secretary for the Environment, Roseanna Cunningham, and her response will determine the course for further action.
Once the report has been fully considered, Scottish Land & Estate will producing a written response. 
You can read the full report here

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