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Feral Pig Meeting Alyth

Earlier this week, a meeting was held in Alyth to raise awareness amongst locals on the presence of feral pigs in the area and to share information about number and distribution of animals in order to better coordinate control efforts being undertaken by local land managers.


The meeting was organised by Scottish Natural Heritage and had support from Forest Enterprise Scotland who are controlling feral pigs on FES land in the area.

The meeting was well attended and it is clear that the presence of these animals in the area is causing great concern to those who manage land and those who enjoy it for recreation purposes.


Whilst it appears that local control efforts targeted around Alyth Hill have been successful and sightings and signs of feral pigs has greatly reduced in the last 18 months, it appears the animals have now relocated to other locations, with a farmer from Banff reporting significant numbers and evidence of the animals.


SNH are currently in the process of preparing advice with Scottish Government on the issue of feral pigs in Scotland. In the meantime the message from SNH is that they are looking for assistance from individual land managers for controlling feral pigs on their land and they are keen to continue to receive sightings (live or shot) in order to try and monitor the distribution of these animals.


All queries should be directed to Gavin Mann at Scottish Natural Heritage 01224 266500  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   



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