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Environment Agency Consultation – Managing salmon fisheries in England and on the Border Esk

This consultation forms part of the commitment to restore salmon stocks in England which is made by the Salmon Five Point Approach. The Approach, which was launched in 2015 by the Environment Agency, government and its partners, aims to stabilise and recover salmon stocks to safeguard future populations. To do this, high level actions have been set out which tackle the various factors which affect salmon throughout their life cycle. These actions include tackling water quality and water flow issues, barriers to migration and impacts in the marine environment, as well as further reducing exploitation by salmon fisheries.
Responses gathered from this consultation will be used to help formulate and finalise a preferred set of measures to protect salmon stocks. Where the final preferred approach involves bringing in any new byelaws or Net Limitation Orders, these will be formally advertised providing another opportunity for you to comment on the measures presented. It is anticipated that, where necessary, any further consultation would take place during the autumn/winter of 2017.
The Environment Agency are consulting on both the salmon net and fixed engine fisheries and the salmon rod fisheries.
The consultation has been divided into 4 subject areas.
  1. National Salmon Byelaws
  2. Salmon net and fixed engine fisheries
  3. Salmon rod fishery catch and release
  4. Salmon angling practices
The consultation will finish on Monday 9 October 2017. You can respond on line or by post, as an individual or as part of a wider group or organisation.
Click here to find out more information and submit a response.

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