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Subsidised funding available to help Scottish farmers stay resilient in changing times

Uncertainty over future subsidies and the impact of Brexit is a key concern for many business owners in the UK, not least of all, those in the farming sector.
Whilst it is too early to tell what impact, if any, there will be – investing in your strengths, improving business efficiency and reducing costs are worthwhile actions business owners can take now to help them safeguard the growth and profitability of their business in future.
Taking advantage of government-funded business development support available through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) is a great way for Scottish farmers and crofters to take proactive action in supporting their businesses to remain resilient in a changing market.
Run by the Scottish Government, FAS can help Scottish farmers and crofters to access up to £2,200 worth of funding for; 
Integrated Land Management Plans (ILMPs) which look at the full spectrum of business sustainability, identifying strengths and weaknesses; 
Specialist Advice which enables business owners to investigate opportunities of interest; and 
Carbon Audits to benchmark performance against similar businesses and provide tailored actions to make future cost savings and efficiency improvements.
FAS also provides mentoring support in which new entrants to farming are matched with an experienced farmer, who can provide practical support and guidance on how to set up and grow their new business.
Those interested in applying for support are encouraged to apply early as current funding is only secured until December 2020. 
The free advice and funding support available through FAS presents a great opportunity for Scottish farming businesses to enlist the help of qualified, industry experts who can provide technical, financial and strategic support to improve future business resilience.
Since spring 2018, FAS has helped over 400 Scottish farmers and crofters apply for funding support.

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