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SLE statement on golden eagle disappearance near Edinburgh

Scottish Land & Estates has issued the following statement in response to a press release by Chris Packham on an eagle missing since January near Edinburgh.

David Johnstone, chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “Once again,  we would urge anyone with information regarding the missing golden eagle Fred to make this known to Police Scotland as soon as possible. Everyone wants to establish the facts in this case and any help that can be provided to the police which will let them decide whether a crime has been committed or not will be of assistance. We condemn all forms of wildlife crime.

“We believe there is a live investigation ongoing but we are once again witnessing campaigners who are pressing for greater controls on grouse moor management putting their own interpretations on some of the evidence. It is perfectly legitimate to be in favour or against grouse shooting but it is not right that important satellite tag data collection is left in the hands of those who are pursuing a particular agenda. This case has shone a light on why it is so important that there is far greater independence and neutrality on the data that comes from satellite tags.

“The latest supposition from activists suggests that the bird has been killed on or near a grouse moor, its tag suppressed, the carcass driven round Edinburgh City bypass before being placed in the North Sea or loaded onto a boat to be taken out to sea before being dumped. This would seem an extraordinary and very elaborate sequence of events.

“Everyone wants to find out what has actually happened to Fred but to do that we need facts rather than theories.”


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