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Country Sports
It is estimated that the annual value of country sports tourism to Scotland is about £240m. In the UK there are over 4 million country sports participants, with many more overseas, including 38 million in the USA. 

Scottish Land & Estates believes that the Scottish Government and its agencies need to take a number of steps to promote and support well managed field sports enterprises:
  • Increase public awareness of the wide range of conservation benefits gained from active management directly related to shooting, stalking and angling;
  • Acknowledge the economic and environmental importance of field sports in Scotland.
  • Promote game as naturally healthy, organic food products.
  • Provide public funding to complement existing private investment to underpin the demonstrable public benefits from well managed field sports eg improved landscape and biodiversity.
  • Commit to the future of the country sports tourism sector, in all its guises, through public support for product development.

Wildlife Estates Scotland

The Scottish Land & Estates launched Wildlife Estates Scotland in late 2010.

Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group

To help develop the full potential of this market, 2004 saw the major Scottish country sporting organisations and associations set up the Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group (SCSTG) and a major research project was commissioned with the following objectives:

  • To gather information on country sports tourists - origin, demographics, information and bookings, trip characteristics, product satisfaction
  • To investigate the perceptions and attitudes of intermediaries
  • To identify participation trends at UK and international levels
  • To identify leading destinations and examples of best practice
  • To assess Scotland's strengths and weaknesses as a destination for country sports tourism.

The Executive Summary of the Report, "The Benefits and Volume and Value of Country Sports Tourism in Scotland" can be found here.

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