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Scottish Land & Estates sits on the Tenant Farming Forum (TFF), which was set up within the agricultural industry and has as its primary purpose “to help to promote a healthy farm tenanted sector in Scotland”. As such, Scottish Land & Estates is fully engaged with all industry discussions which concern agricultural landlord and tenant issues and the complex legislation.

Scottish Land & Estates has nominated Andrew Howard, Stuart Young, Robert Balfour and Richard Blake (Legal Adviser) as its representatives on TFF and they are supported by a specialist sub-group of agricultural law experts which advises, where required, on technical legal issues.

Recent work includes detailed scrutiny of the proposals, which followed recommendations from TFF to the Scottish Government, to amend the Agricultural Holdings (Scotland) Acts 1991 and 2003. The TFF has published a note on suggested best practice for rent reviews as well as other useful publications.

Scottish Land & Estates is committed to working with others to ensure that the tenant farming sector thrives and works for both tenant and landlord. Scottish Land & Estates welcomes the Scottish Government’s Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review and has sought to engage as constructively as possible in the process.

You can view Scottish Land & Estates Response:Review of Agricultural Holdings Legislation here...


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