Policy & Lobbying
Water is an extremely important natural resource that is vital to sustain life, Scotland’s economy and the wider environment. Scotland has an abundant supply of water and is world renowned for it being of excellent quality. However, there are a number of pressures on the water environment which need to be addressed to ensure that this excellent reputation remains intact and to increase water quality where necessary.

Policy positions
  • The rural sector is reliant on clean water supplies, therefore it is important to maintain and improve them where appropriate.
  • Scottish Land & Estates acknowledges that diffuse pollution from agricultural activities is an area of concern and we are actively working with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to address this problem. We believe that in many cases simple changes to farming practices will stop diffuse pollution from being an issue.
  • Scottish Land & Estates recognises that in some instances hydro developments can have detrimental impacts on the water environment. However, we believe that well planned hydro schemes can have minimal impact and can also contribute to achieving the Scottish Government’s climate change and renewable energy targets.
  • Scottish Land & Estates recognises the value of natural flood management in regulating the water cycle.  We will work with our members and Government to develop approaches which will assist with flood management. 
Current areas of work
  • River Basin Management Planning: Scottish Land & Estates is involved in river basin management planning in Scotland by sitting on both the National and Area Advisory Groups. These groups were established by SEPA to implement the European Water Framework Directive in Scotland.
  • Diffuse Pollution: Scottish Land & Estates sits on the Diffuse Pollution Management Advisory Group (DPMAG). This group was set up on the request of the Scottish Government to help tackle rural diffuse pollution in Scotland.
  • Flood Management: Scottish Land & Estates sits on the National Flood Management Advisory Group (NFMAG). This group is aiding the delivery of the Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009.
  • Reservoir Safety Group, which is working on guidance for reservoir owners on the new regulatory framework which is coming into force in stages through to and possibly beyond 2020. 

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