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Creating natural capital value from your woodlands

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Do you want to find out how woodlands can help you protect and improve the environment, whilst also providing income?  Then our free live webinar on 14 April 2021 sponsored by Tilhill is a must attend!

We have a great panel of speakers lined up to speak to you and share their knowledge, tips and expertise.

Pat Snowdon, Scottish Forestry will speak about the new study commissioned by Scottish Forestry, Tilhill and Sepa, to apply the Forest Products Sector Guide of the Natural Capital Protocol for the first time in the UK.  The Protocol aims to show the reliance between business and nature, including in this case, benefits that forestry can generate for the economy and local communities. 

Eddie Addis from Tilhill will give an overview of the outcomes of this study and how woodlands can help protect and improve the environment, whilst providing income to those with the land and foresight to be at the front of the queue.

David McCulloch, head of CarbonStore, will talk about a key element of Natural Capital, woodland carbon. He will explain the benefits for landowners, the principles underpinning the Woodland Carbon Code and the processes involved in generating woodland carbon units.

This webinar will cover:-

  • New Study commissioned by Scottish Forestry, Tilhill and Sepa
  • Outcomes of the Study
  • An introduction to CarbonStore, our links to Tilhill and our services in the woodland carbon market
  • An explanation of the process involved in generating verified Woodland Carbon Units
  • An outline of how CarbonStore helps landowners generate and sell their woodland-generated carbon credits

Join Pat Snowdon, Eddie Addis, David McCulloch and SLE host Head of Policy Stephen Young on Wednesday 14 April at 10am!


Pat Snowdon

Dr. Pat Snowdon MICFor FIEMA– Head of Economics and Woodland Carbon  Code, Scottish Forestry

Pat has worked in forestry and land-use for over 25 years.  He joined the Forestry Commission in 2002, heading its economic team and leading the FC’s climate change work at GB level.  He was an author and editor of the 2009 Read Report on the role of UK forestry in helping to tackle climate change, and chairs the team which has developed the UK Woodland Carbon Code.  In April 2019, Pat transferred to Scottish Forestry, a new government agency set up as the forestry authority in Scotland. His team continues to deliver economic advice and management of the Woodland Carbon Code on behalf of all the forestry authorities in the UK. A key part of Pat’s work currently is to help develop markets in forest ecosystem services, in particular the further development of the UK woodland carbon market.


Eddie Addis

Eddie Addis, Regional Manager, South Scotland Region

Eddie grew up in a rural environment in Argyll where his family background was in forestry and farming, which led to a career in the forest industry. After graduating in 2000 he started working in forest management before moving to focus on harvesting. Eddie joined Tilhill in 2011 as part of the Central Scotland District team, moved to the Scottish Borders in 2014 to take up the role of District Manager, and then stepped up to Regional Manager for South Scotland and Northumberland in late 2019. Whilst the majority of his professional experience has been based in Scotland it covers most aspects of forestry practice from the rocky uplands of Argyll to the rolling hills of Southern Scotland. This professional experience, coupled with his background and belief in improving the natural environment gives a well-rounded understanding of the wider rural sector, economy and factors affecting farming and forestry industry in the ever changing social landscape.


David McCulloch

David McCulloch is head of CarbonStore, Tilhill’s business division specialising in woodland and peatland carbon. David has a BSc (Hons) in Accounting, Finance and Economics and 18 years’ experience in the financial sector based in London and Tokyo, initially as an equity salesman and latterly as a corporate analyst. Opportunities within Tilhill and now CarbonStore have enabled David to return to his rural roots in southern Scotland.

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