Country Sports

*Last updated 03:00pm, 06 January 2021




Several organisations, including SLE, have come together to develop a proposed framework for appropriate COVID-19 precautions following lockdown. As the tourism sector begins to reopen, this will be a valuable tool providing SLE members with a set of basic principles for country sports employers, employees and practitioners. These principles build upon current advice for those working in the rural sector. The guidance can also be used to protect workers carrying out other outdoor work such as wildlife management.

Download the Country Sports Framework PDF (updated October 2020)



NHS PosterThe Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restriction) (Scotland) Amendment (No6) Regulations 2020, laid in Parliament 2 July states that self-catering accommodation can be provided from 3 July in a holiday apartment, cottage, home or bungalow, to members of one household provided it is accessed without entering or moving across communal areas, and the toilet, cooking or washing facilities are not shared with any person who is not a member of that household.

As we move into phase 3, people will be able to meet with more than one household indoors with physical distancing and hygiene measures, and this will apply to self-catering. As of 10 July, you can now meet people from up to 2 other households indoors, and up to 4 other households outdoors.

For information, VisitScotland has produced a ‘Visitor Charter’ which helps set out how your guests can enjoy your property responsibly. This includes a downloadable charter which you can display at your premises.

If a visitor begins displaying symptoms during a stay, please see this advice on what to do. You may also want to display this NHS poster at your premises.