Opinion and story pieces

Changing the terms of an agreement under the Electronic Communications Code

19 Mar 2020

Operators are serving notices on landlords demanding new agreements at fairly nominal rents under paragraph 33 of the Electronic Communications Code. If a renewal cannot be agreed with the site provider, then that paragraph allows the operator to apply to the

Making Salmon Conservation a National Priority

3 Mar 2020

As a keystone species, the Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) has significant economic, social, cultural and environmental importance to Scotland. Salmon live in freshwater rivers throughout Scotland as juveniles, migrating to the North Atlantic as adults, before

Behind the scenes on BBC's Countryfile at Auchlyne & Suie Estate

3 Mar 2020

Nicola Colquhoun is a Land Management Adviser and Laird-in-waiting at Auchlyne & Suie Estate. In this guest blog, she discusses the experience of filming with BBC’s Countryfile and the importance of raising awareness among the general public over what land

A Million Trees To Save the River Dee's Salmon

25 Feb 2020

Dr Lorraine Hawkins is the River Director for the River Dee Trust. Here she discusses the aims of a project designed to tackle a decline in salmon numbers by planting 1,000,000 trees. On the North East’s River Dee, the Fishery Trust and Fishery Board have

UK Farming Roundtable February 2020 - focusing on the Agriculture Bill and trade

20 Feb 2020

This week on Tuesday 18 February the UK Farming Roundtable met for the first time since the General Election and Brexit day. The Agriculture Bill and the impact of two storms in as many weeks with another on the way were high on the agenda. The UK is now in a

Psychological impact of farm crime

13 Feb 2020

A new anonymous research survey has been launched to gather data on the wider implications of farm crime across the UK. While many reports talk about the effect farm crime has on the financial and business aspect of farming, this is the first piece of academic

Safety exclusion zones for mobile masts

11 Feb 2020

Jeremy Moody is the Secretary & Adviser to the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV). Here he discusses technical aspects of masts, as well as the information landowners should expect from operators. Negotiations over agreements for mobile phone

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code

7 Feb 2020

Fifteen years have passed since the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (SOAC) was published following implementation of Part 1 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act (2003) Act. The 2003 Act provided Scotland with some of the most progressive access legislation in the

5 Takeaways from the Housing Forum

6 Feb 2020

Private water supplies was the topic covered at the first ever SLE National Housing Forum. The Forum is a way for members to come together round the table and share experiences, problems and practical solutions to housing-related problems. Marcelina Hamilton

And the next chapter on Brexit begins…

30 Jan 2020

More than three and a half years on from the referendum, we now have some degree of certainty on Brexit. The UK Government’s Brexit Bill has completed its journey through the Houses of Parliament and has been granted Royal Assent. We’re set to leave the EU