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Rural Communities

Rural Communities
Rural Communities

As key decision makers SLE members are crucial to helping deliver sustainable rural communities right across Scotland.

Rural Comm

Given the important role that land-based businesses play in rural areas it is vital that community engagement standards remain as high as possible to ensure that mutually beneficial solutions can be realised.

Recognising, as we do, that communities can benefit socially, environmentally and economically from effective engagement, SLE created a community engagement programme based on the “Working Together for Sustainable Estate Communities” booklet. This explored the potential of collaborative initiatives between privately owned rural estates, rural communities and other partners in Scotland.

If estates and communities and agencies and government come together, then I think that is where the big things will happen … and no matter who owns the land, or who is going to benefit from it … let’s work together and improve things, where we will all benefit in some way.

Community Development Worker (Glass et al., 2012:13)

As the policy landscape changes, SLE continues to work to improve and maintain standards in community engagement across its membership. We are working closely with the Scottish Land Commission and other stakeholders to set out best practice and encourage a “culture change” that reflects the aims of the Guidance on Engaging Communities in Decisions Relating to Land and the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

Rural Crime

Scotland’s communities can only flourish when people feel safe. Developing, maintaining and enhancing sustainable partnerships is key to achieving this. 

The Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime (SPARC) is a multi-agency partnership collectively working together to tackle rural crime. Providing strategic focus, SPARC coordinates a committed and sustained approach including crime prevention advice to those living, working and enjoying Scotland’s rural communities and environments. 

SLE is a full member of the SPARC.  The National Rural Crime Strategy 2019-2022 developed by the partnership can be viewed here

Alongside this national work there is also a regional rural crime team in place, with all 13 police divisions in Scotland having a rural crime designated point of contact. Please contact your regional support officer to find out who this is in your area. 

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