Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme Claim Period Extension

Stephen Young ,
18 Dec 2020

Many members were disappointed last week to hear that although they had been successful in their application, it appeared impossible for many to buy the kit they needed and have it on farm by the end of March 2021 due to extended lead times in the supply chain. We raised this issue, and the Scottish Government have now extended the claim time so that eligible items which have been ordered but not received by 31 March 2021 can be claimed upon receipt of the items before 30 September. Members will still need to return their letters of acceptance to RPID ASAP if they wish to proceed with the claim.


Revisions to SACGS Claims procedure

The Scottish Government has been made aware that there are problems with the supplies of certain items of equipment that are available through SACGS meaning that those items may be delivered beyond the 31 March deadline for claims to be submitted.

In order to reduce the uncertainties faced by applicants, the Scottish Government has introduced a revised, split claims process.

The Spilt Claims process will be:

Claims for all equipment ordered under SACGS must be submitted by the 31 March 2021 deadline.  Upon receipt of a claim, the Scottish Government will pay for the items claimed that have accompanying proof of payment and confirmation of delivery.

Payment for items claimed for but which have not yet been delivered by that date will be made once the items have been purchased and proof of payment submitted confirming delivery of those items has taken place.

Items delivered after 30 September 2021 will not be eligible for payment.

When ordering items set out in the “authority to proceed” letter, applicants are advised to do so as soon after receipt of that letter as possible.  The applicant will be required to obtain confirmation at the time of ordering from the supplier with which an item is subject to supply constraints and an estimated date of delivery.

All applicants that have been successful will be written to by the RPID in the near future explaining the new, split claims procedure.

All enquiries should be addressed to local the relevant RPID Local Area Office.