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What is Regenerative Agriculture?

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Regenerative agriculture is currently a hot topic for many land managers, the ability to manage land in a way which increases biodiversity and improves soil quality, while maintaining output is an attractive proposition. If you would like to find out more about “Regenerative Agriculture” then our webinar on Wednesday 10 March is a must attend! 

Join our live webinar on Wednesday 10 March when Molly Biddell, Policy Analyst at Savills discusses what regenerative agriculture means for rural land managers, and asks whether it can be a solution to feeding growing populations and tackling climate change, the subject of a recent report by Savills on the subject.

Molly will be joined by SLE member Douglas Christie from Durie Farms winner of SLE’s Helping it Happen Innovation in Farming Award in 2019 who is a keen practitioner, who will talk about his regenerative agriculture journey so far – how it is paying off in a profitable way and also the wider environmental benefits. 

This webinar will cover: 

  • Regenerative agriculture: what does it actually mean?
  • Why is everyone speaking about soil?
  • Will regenerative agriculture solve climate change?
  • What does the future look like for regenerative farming?
  • Questions and Answers
  • Why Douglas Christie decided to do regenerative agriculture at Durie Farms?
  • Douglas’s  past challenges and his outcomes
  • The environmental and business benefits of regenerative agriculture
  • Douglas’s future plans for Durie Farms.
  • Questions and Answers.

Join Molly Biddell, Savills and Douglas Christie from Durie Farms and our host SLE Head of Policy, Stephen Young on Wednesday 10 March at 10am.

Don’t miss out book now and find out more about Regenerative Agriculture!


Molly Biddell

Molly Biddell, Policy Analyst at Savills

Molly is the Policy Analyst for the Savills Rural Research team. Her experience includes analysis and interpretation of agri-environment policy, both national and international. Her areas of interest include understanding how farming systems and supply chains can better integrate environmental outcomes, and the potential of the private market and public sector to enable investment into natural capital. She has most recently, produced the Savills Regenerative Agriculture research report, which looks at what a regenerative approach means and the opportunities it might hold for the future of rural land management.


Douglas Christie

Douglas Christie, Durie Farms, Leven Fife

It's not been easy, but Douglas Christie's commitment to a 'soil-centric' approach to sustainable farming is paying off in a profitable business, with wider environmental benefits. 

Durie Farms comprises of 570 ha of land situated outside Leven in Fife. After taking over from his father, Douglas decided to explore ways of future proofing the farm. A main objective was to improve soil health, increase soil organic matter and biodiversity. He converted one third of the farm and the livestock enterprise to organic in 2006 and the rest of the farm is farmed under a Conservation/Regenerative Agriculture regime. Many of the fields have not been ploughed since 1999 and today the majority of the land is direct drilled with extensive use of cover crops prior to spring drilling and a recent interest companion cropping.

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