Atholl Estates' Watermill Development

Atholl Estates is one of Scotland’s best-known Highland estates. Its history dates back to the 13th century, but throughout the ages, it has adapted to the times, and today it manages a wide range of operations with five main operating groups; tourism, agriculture, forestry, renewable energy and let property. As one of the main landowners in the region, Atholl Estates recognises its role to work with the Local Authority, National Park, Housing Associations, Scottish Water and Community Councils to develop a balanced development plan for the area which seeks to address issues around competitively sought after properties.

Heating in the new homes is supplied via ‘smart’ electrical radiators that sense when there is spare energy on the national grid which can be used at a low tariff. While low maintenance both inside and out makes the homes durable and easily managed, both for tenants and the estate, over the long term. Together with our built properties we have in excess of 150 miles of tracks, 500 miles of fence lines, 100 bridges, 40 miles of water pipe and thousands of gates to maintain. Managing this responsibility requires systematic and long term planning. Maintenance and preservation of the built estate is a very important part of our business. The work is shared between locally retained and self-employed tradesmen with assistance from specialists when required. We also presume in favour of regional suppliers for the vast majority of our purchases. The use of modern materials in the repair, renovation or extension of traditional buildings is applied when appropriate to achieve our aim of delivering long term property management solutions. The route of tracks, position and shape of woodlands, crossing points for bridges, location of houses and farms are all features that have been carefully moulded through generations of management on the estate.