The Clarack Car Park (Dinnet Estate)

The Clarack Car Park officially opened on 24 June 2022 with 52 parking spaces, bike racks and toilets. It has been several years in the planning as a way to improve access facilities to Loch Kinord. It provides safe, appropriate parking for the increased visitor numbers the National Nature Reserve has been receiving.

A traditional Landlord facilitating a team effort between themselves, CNPA and NatureScot who manage the NNR to help the whole community. Local residents were suffering from the poor parking of visitors and not only does the new car park combat this, it will also allow more visitors to appreciate the NNR and the wellbeing effects of spending time there.

Dinnet Estate have had to reorganise their farming operation to facilitate the project as it lies adjacent to traditional, listed farm buildings. There are plans for future development of these buildings as well as electrical vehicle charging points and catering facilities. There are also plans for another all terrain path from Dinnet village to allow local residents direct access to the NNR.

As well as reorganising the farming operations there have been challenges in terms of the logistics around relocating utilities and traffic management with it being so close to the A93.