Fasque Forestry

Fasque Forestry was established when old commercial woodlands on the estate were falling into disrepair and there was evidence of an emerging growth in the timber market. Fasque, instead of hiring contractors, decided to do the job of planning, harvesting and restocking all in-house and invested in state-of-the-art machinery to do so. Local businesses are invited to use all timber produced on and harvested from the estate in the sawmill.

The establishment of Fasque Forestry last year has already provided jobs in all areas of the business. There have been twelve full-time positions created and twenty supply-chain contract positions not including planters and fencers as a result. There has also been a new apprenticeship position in the sawmill, developing talent in the trade. Fasque Forestry also invested £4 million in its equipment and uses only local services for its fleet vehicles, harvesters and forwarders.