Hommel & Co Hot Tubs

We are a young business in our third year of manufacturing and trading beautiful Scottish Larch hot tubs, completely fuelled from solid wood.

The hot tubs are crafted from scratch in our workshop in Forres, using Scottish Larch from local saw mills and timber merchants. The hot tub technology allows them to be either solid wood inside and out, or fibreglass lined for added insulation.

Our pioneering method of powering the hot tub from a solid wood stove located nearby has revolutionised the possibilities of situating hot tubs in remote locations, with no need for an electric power supply, and is ideally suited to the current camping, glamping and wild tourism trend. The stoves work using any dry wood fuel and power the hot tubs by convection. Our careful sourcing, use of materials and business partnerships mean that the finished product is carbon neutral, recyclable, repairable and ultimately biodegradable.

We currently have one full time employee and the hot tubs are made to order in our workshop. We are constantly looking to improve and develop the technology of the product while maintaining the absolute simplicity of a free standing, beautifully crafted, luxury hot tub that can be situated and used literally anywhere in Scotland.