The Midlothian Estates Group

Midlothian Estates Group is a selection of estates and landowners within Midlothian who collectively engage to work towards a more sustainable rural Midlothian. The group have interests in a great variety of land uses and rural business opportunities.

The Midlothian Estates Group consists of representatives from: Mauldslie Farm, Dalkeith Country Estate, Rosebery Estate, Penicuik Estate, Cranstoun Estate, and Saughland.

The group seeks to work with local communities in order to enhance and improve communications with key stakeholders, politicians, communities and individuals in Midlothian, and identify issues and solutions to key problems prohibiting business development in the area. Improving infrastructure in Midlothian through joint working and collaboration is key to the work of the group.

Meetings are held regularly throughout the year, with key organisations and individuals in regular attendance. These meetings are a method of sharing information and good practice; identifying the barriers to development; progressing the action plan of the group and to maintain regular dialect with the Local Authority at all levels.

To date, projects have included:

- Completion of a mapping exercise to identify the estate land in Midlothian – this is to help identify landowners within the area when specific projects / issues arise;

- Co-ordinated response to the Midlothian Local Development Plan Main Issues Report;

- Broadband provision – requirement to look at areas within Midlothian with broadband issues and identify potential solutions through national stakeholders, partners and businesses;

- Schools event – proposal to host bi-annual event at Dalkeith Country Park for local schools, focussed on rural business, working with Crown Estates and Council;

- Fly tipping, littering and rural crime campaigns.