Orkney Ice Cream

Orkney Ice cream stems from the famous Orkney Creamery, and all from a pig farm bought by my Grandfather!

The farm changed over the years from pigs to beef to dairy and then to a processing dairy, branching into ice cream in 1995 as the milk market was so competitive and our island contribution held extra challenges.

Eventually we sold the dairy herd and now buy in milk from Orkney farms and do our own processing, and for a while we were the sole supplier of ice cream to the island. Currently we buy 10 percent of all milk produced on Orkney.

We employ 20 staff full time and extra summer students looking for experience. All our business and professional services are local, based on the island, and we use locally produced ingredients to flavour our ice cream whenever possible, for example locally made fudge and rum. The business is very environmentally conscious, continually reducing and working to eliminate any plastics involved in the factory and production process. This is a challenge while working with milk, but we are looking into returning to glass bottles and storage as this is more easily recycled.

Our factory is fully biomass powered, and technology is constantly updated to ensure optimum energy efficiency in production. We have just rebranded our range of artisan ice creams and are looking forward to building on our 2017 Great Taste 2 stars to competing with larger brands and promote our pure island produce.