Riemore Trust

Riemore is an upland estate modernised and diversified to include sheep-farming, sporting, holiday lets, renewable energy (hydro), ecological interests (woodland & wetland management) and education. The latter is the most important social and community development on Riemore. In 2018, the New School, Butterstone, tragically closed its doors.

Since then, Riemore has worked in partnership with Moore House Care & Education to re-establish a school for children with special needs. The Moore House Academy, Butterstone, was established in April 2019, taking back previous students and employing 45 full and part time staff. The academy has now successfully completed its first year with children coming to the academy from across Scotland.

The Academy keeps alive a tradition of teaching in rural Perthshire, outwith the habitual town-focus of mainstream education, while developing traditional properties for the use of students and care professionals. Butterstone is being set up to develop itself as a vital service for Perth & Kinross children and a centre of excellence for specialised teaching and neurodevelopment expertise.