The Scrib Tree

Communities are vital to the continuation of rural areas as is the development of new local ventures.

It was with this in mind that Douglas & Angus Estates supported – and financially assisted– a local young person to establish The Scrib Tree.

Not only does this business sell quality farm produce, cakes and coffee and beautiful gifts to those who stop in the village, it now also acts as a hub for local villagers to meet and chat in warm and cosy surroundings.

The Scrib Tree aims to source all its produce as locally as possible – the target being “the closer the better”. That’s why it sells beef, game, lamb and vegetables farmed on Douglas & Angus Estates wherever possible, along with a complementary range of other products sourced as close to home and directly from the producer as often as possible. An additional aim is to provide a product range that is both affordable and of a good quality.

The project has delivered a range of benefits, including:

  • Provision of local jobs for local people through the 12-month construction period
  • Improvement of the physical form and amenities of the village through the construction of the retail outlets, car parking and landscaped grounds
  • Creation of two or three new local businesses
  • Provision of a service to the local community
  • Enhanced tourist facilities to attract visitors and increase revenue to the rural economy