St. Mary's School, Melrose

St. Mary's School is an Independent school for children aged 2-13 years old at the heart of a vibrant rural community. They wish to engender a love, understanding and respect for their beautiful surroundings in the children at the school. In so doing, they aim to for the children to grow to become the future guardians of their natural environment.

They have introduced a new subject; Environmental Studies. This is taught to the top two year groups (P7 - S2 equivalent). This subject is specifically designed to give the children an understanding of the issues facing the World as well as investigating their causes, effects and potential solutions. The children helped to execute a number of initiatives to help to mitigate these problems including planting trees, Plastic Free Melrose, Borders Birdbox Building Project, Great Borders River Clean alongside letter writing projects to MPs, MSPs and big businesses.