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Agri-Environment Climate Scheme extension - SLE comment

Press Release

Commenting on the Scottish Government’s Agri-Environment Climate Scheme extension, Stephen Young, Head of Policy at Scottish Land & Estates said:

“We welcome the announcement of the new Agri-Environment Climate Scheme, which will open for funding in 2022. We see this as a key part of rural Scotland’s ability to meet the challenges of the climate and biodiversity crisis. While an increase in funding for organic conversion is also welcomed, there must be a wide range of options for land managers and this needs to be matched by market demand for produce to ensure the long term success of Scottish agriculture.

“Scottish Land & Estates has long been calling for a more integrated approach to land management and the extension to this funding scheme is a further step towards this, but it needs to be backed up by clear and workable policies for the future of all agricultural support. We look forward to working with government and other stakeholders in rural Scotland to deliver this in the near future.”

Farmers, crofters and land managers will be able to apply for support for conversion to and maintenance of organic land, alongside a suite of other measures aimed at promoting low carbon farming and protecting the environment.

Scottish Land & Estates will keep members updated when the funding opens in 2022.

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