Second chance to protect UK food standards must not be missed

Press Release

MPs must not miss this crucial opportunity to prevent substandard imports from undercutting our own domestic food which is already produced to extremely high British farming standards, Scottish Land & Estates (SLE) has said.

The organisation made the comments ahead of the second reading of the Trade Bill in Westminster on 20 May 2020. 

Eleanor Kay, Policy Adviser (Agriculture) at Scottish Land & Estates, said: “The UK Government stood on a manifesto which promised to maintain UK standards of production, which the industry is fully behind and must continue. 

“However, there is a real danger that this will be compromised, not from falling standards within UK food production, but from the low standards of food being imported into the UK.

“During last week’s debate on the Agriculture Bill in Westminster, the UK Government rejected food standard protection measures being added to that Bill because it was supposedly out of the scope of the Agriculture Bill and it would be better suited to the Trade Bill.

“We urge all MPs to use the Trade Bill as an opportunity to protect food standards and protect the UK’s high farming standards.”

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