SLE statement on court beaver licence ruling

Press Release

Commenting on the outcome of a judicial review of NatureScot’s beaver licences, petitioned by Trees for Life, Sarah-Jane Laing, Chief Executive of SLE said:

“We are pleased that the Court of Session has chosen to uphold the existing beaver management framework as a sound system through which farmers and land managers deal with negative impacts from beavers such as the destruction of trees and habitat.  The framework is the best way forward to balance conflicts between conservation and land management and those who require licences can look forward to them being granted in appropriate circumstances in future.

"We note that the court has decided that NatureScot has a duty to give reasons for granting licences. While this may affect licences previously issued but not yet expired, the court found that NatureScot did have reasons for issuing licences though they should have communicated clearly. NatureScot will no doubt take account of the court’s observations in future.

"We continue to hold the view that lethal control should only be used as a last resort, and greater resources from government and other organisations will allow intervention to occur earlier where required.”

You can read the full judgement on the Scottish Courts & Tribunals' website here.

You can read NatureScot's statement on beaver judicial review ruling here.