SLE supports improvements amnesty as deadline approaches

SLE supports improvements amnesty as deadline approaches

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Scottish Land & Estates has said the organisation and its members are fully supportive of the amnesty for tenants’ improvements as the June 2020 deadline fast approaches.

Earlier this week, the Scottish Tenant Farmers Association (STFA) claimed some landlords and factors were delaying the process for registering improvements – a claim which SLE has refuted.

The amnesty was a concept suggested by Scottish Land & Estates and was written into law as part of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 – including the three-year timescale for the amnesty which expires on June 12.

Sarah-Jane Laing, Chief Executive of Scottish Land & Estates, said “All members of the Tenant Farming Advisory Forum – including the Scottish Government, SLE and other bodies such as RICS – have been working exceptionally hard to increase awareness and uptake of the amnesty before the deadline. Despite the best efforts of the organisations and our members, the feedback we have had demonstrates a initial slow uptake rate from tenants which has only gathered pace as the deadline approaches.

“We are perplexed that STFA is making these claims through a media statement rather than at a meeting of the Tenant Farming Advisory Forum held just last month. The June date is the deadline for the tenants to submit their amnesty notice. It’s difficult to see what advantage could be gained from landlords or their agents delaying the process, and it’s certainly not something that has been raised with us prior to this. If anyone does have concerns about the amnesty code of practice not being adhered to then these should be reported to the Tenant Farming Commissioner.”