Webinar: Rhododendron In The Rainforest: Approaches To A Growing Problem

This webinar took place on 16 February 2022.

Chaired by SLE Policy Adviser Karen Ramoo, there were presentations from:

  • Arina Russell - Public Affairs Manager for Woodland Trust Scotland - introduction to Alliance for Scotland’s Rainforest and the Saving Scotland’s Rainforest project
  • Gordon Grey Stephens - Director at Native Woodlands Coop and co-author on the ‘Rhododendron in the rainforest’ report - presentation of ‘Rhododendron in the rainforest’ report and introduction to rhododendron eradication at Glen Creran
  • Charles Steuart Fothringham - Achnacone Estate and former Chair of Appin Community Council - personal experience of the Glen Creran project and work to eradicate rhododendron
  • Lindsay Bisset – Scottish Forestry Grants Scheme Manager  - support available for rhododendron ponticum management