WES Accreditation

WESThe management of game and wildlife attracts tourism, provides sustainable food and is integral to Scotland's rural economy. This management influences animal and plant species, the condition of their habitats and the ecosystems that support them. Game and wildlife managers therefore carry significant responsibility for our landscapes and species.

A great deal of game and wildlife management is already carried out to a high standard, but there's always room for improvement. Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES) provides land managers with a means to demonstrate how Scotland's rich biodiversity benefits from their day-today practices.

WES aims to promote the best game, wildlife and habitat management practices, build recognition and raise standards through the introduction of a practical accreditation system,

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WES Level 1 Accreditation 

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WES Level 2 Accreditation 

Introductory Guidance 

Module A - General 

Module B - Agriculture 

Module C - Hunting, Shooting & Fishing 

Module D - Woodland, Forestry & Hedgerows 

Module E - Tourism