Cairngorms Nature Big 10 Days

Rebekah Strong ,
14 May 2020

Our Environment Assistant Rebekah Strong writes about how the Cairngorms National Park is tackling the cancellation of a much loved annual festival due to the Covid-19 pandemic and turning it into an extended online event.

The Cairngorms Nature Big Weekend is a yearly festival where organisations, estates and businesses throughout the Cairngorms National Park host events to help the public get closer to nature and learn more about the wonders of the natural world. Understandably, with us all staying safe in our homes, this year’s weekend has been cancelled and replaced with the BIG 10 Days of Nature! From the 15th to the 24th of May there will be a whole host of events from stories and music to tours, interviews, and competitions, all demonstrating the nature of Scotland and how people are a part of nature.

Each day will be based on a theme. For example, Saturday 16th will be on iconic species, where you can learn about bats, capercaillie and Scottish wildcats, and much more. Thursday 21st is the day people get creative and express their experience of nature through art. Our members have been getting involved too. Wildlife Estate Scotland and SLE members and the Grampian and Angus Glens Moorland Groups will be getting involved too. Wildlife Estates Scotland is an accreditation scheme supported by Scottish Government, which promotes best practice for habitat and wildlife management, demonstrating the good work done on estates for biodiversity and natural capital. This will be an excellent opportunity for estates to show how the work they do benefits nature and the local communities!

The mental health benefits of nature are known to many of us, but it is only now, when people are holed up at home, that we have all truly began to appreciate the natural world. There is hope some good will come from this global experience in the form of a wider sensitivity and consideration towards nature. The Cairngorms Nature Big 10 Days is one way in which those lucky enough to work with and still have access to nature can demonstrate and share the benefits with others. I am looking forward to joining in on the fun and I hope you will too. To find out about the latest events visit the Cairngorms Nature website.