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New alliance to protect Scotland's golden eagles


17 Jun 2021

A collection of Perthshire grouse moors and farms has formed an unlikely alliance with a major conservation body to advance eagle conservation in an area of past alleged persecution.

The Tayside...

Growing trees - so many benefits

Blog Post

3 Dec 2020

Lyn White is Scottish Forestry’s forestry and farming development officer. In this guest blog, she explains why if you were ever considering creating more woodlands on your land – now is a great time...

Dunvegan Castle & Gardens awarded a £1 million grant from the Scottish Government and EU for an ambitious native woodland creation scheme at Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye


1 Dec 2020

After over a year and a half in development, the MacLeod Estate’s new native woodland creation scheme has been awarded a £1million grant from the Scottish Government and EU. The project is being...

Scottish wildlife accreditation to flourish beyond EU exit - Wildlife Estates Scotland celebrates 10 years with 2.5 million acre target for 2023


23 Nov 2020

Scottish estates have vowed to continue driving forward an international wildlife and habitat accreditation scheme beyond the UK’s new relationship with Europe.

Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES)...

The introduction of Red Squirrels at Attadale

Blog Post

19 Nov 2020

Squirrel boxAttadale estate has become the latest addition to the Wildlife Estates Scotland family. They showed exemplary consideration for nature and demonstrated a range of projects to support wildlife and...

NatureScot Report: Badger impacts on biodiversity and agriculture in Scotland - a literature review.

Blog Post

16 Oct 2020

Our Policy Adviser Karen Ramoo discusses a literature review commissioned by NatureScot on the subject of badger conservation. In addition, she poses a number of questions to SLE members who wish to...

Muirburn vital in aiding carbon storage and preventing wildfires


1 Oct 2020

Muirburn – the controlled, cool burning of heather on Scotland’s moorlands – is becoming ever more important in the fight against wildfires in Scotland, land managers said today.

As the permitted...

Gene Conservation Units

Blog Post

1 Oct 2020

Melissa Minter is a PhD researcher at the University of York with partners Natural England and NatureScot. Her research looks into the conservation genetics of the mountain ringlet butterfly, the UK’s...

Scottish Land & Estates statement on satellite tag


25 Sep 2020

Scottish Land & Estates (SLE) has issued the following statement in response to an RSPB Scotland press release regarding a satellite tag located in Perthshire.

Mark Tennant, chairman of Scottish...

Spotting Squirrels this Red Squirrel Week

Blog Post

21 Sep 2020

Photo 1Keilidh Ewan is a Communications & Engagement Officer for Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels. In this blog she discusses the work being done by the organisation, and how you can participate in the 2020...

Forestry and Land Scotland out of season culling

Blog Post

11 Sep 2020

Following Forestry and Land Scotland’s decision to undertake out of season deer control on Scotland’s national forests and land, Scottish Land & Estates has made the following comment:

The Deer...

Woodland restoration at Annandale Estates

Blog Post

10 Sep 2020

Photo 1In this blog, our Dumfries and Galloway Regional Support Officer Tracey Roan covers her recent visit to Annandale Estates and looks at the work being undertaken there.

If your staycation ventures...