Growing trees - so many benefits

Lyn White ,
3 Dec 2020

Lyn White is Scottish Forestry’s forestry and farming development officer. In this guest blog, she explains why if you were ever considering creating more woodlands on your land – now is a great time to do it.

So why trees?
There are multiple benefits of creating a new woodland. The trees can provide shelter for livestock, a future income from timber sales and redefine or renew boundaries on your property.

Added to this, the woodland can help in the management of stock plus and create habitats for wildlife. Not to mention reducing the carbon footprint of a farm business.

Getting to grips with new planting
There’s lots of information to get you started. We have recently launched a new guide 'Preparing Woodland Creation Applications - a guide for Land Managers', which you can view on our website

With plenty of woodland grants on offer too, various options including conifer, broadleaves, farm woodland  to name just a few to meet your business objectives. The grants can help you establish a new woodland and maintain it in years to come. Or how about sheep and trees - which brings together two elements of the FGS, enabling a single application for both  woodland creation and infrastructure grants. 

An advantage of the grant scheme is that it is open all year round. The land planted under the scheme remains eligible for the BPS.

Funding for a specialist adviser to help with woodland creation
If you are a farmer or crofter you can also apply for up to £1,000 funding through the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) to enlist the help of a specialist adviser to help with woodland creation.

The adviser will work with the land manager to add value to underproductive land by reviewing farm-specific opportunities and financial incentives available to create or manage woodland. To apply or for more information, call 0300 323 0161 or email

Case Study
Read how one farming family turned their livestock farm around by planting acres of hard-to-farm land with trees, creating shelter and an investment. 

Scottish Forestry has a network of woodland officers around the country in local offices. Please get in contact at an early stage to discuss your woodland creation proposals.


22 January 2021 update

The Scottish Government and Scottish Forestry are establishing a new demonstrator network of farms, crofts and estates across Scotland, to raise awareness of the multiple benefits that planting trees can bring to an agricultural business. The aim is to encourage more trees to be planted on Scottish farmland, in the right place, for the right reason and to give guidance on how this can be practically achieved. The network will be hosted digitally with online events and forum discussions. 

If you are interested in being a host for the new network or have any questions please contact -