Seilich is a natural ingredient company with a difference. Run by botanist and nature conservationist Dr Sally Gouldstone, Seilich grows native and naturalised Scottish plant species within a wildflower meadow in Midlothian, which they use to make their products; from natural skincare products and herbal teas to room mists. As a result of this commitment to nature conservation, they are very proud to have become the first and only company in the UK to achieve Wildlife Friendly Certification.

Seilich Director Sally Gouldstone (PhD) has worked in the nature conservation sector for over 20 years prior to starting Seilich, most recently working as a Research Scientist on Scottish biodiversity issues at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. As funding within the nature conservation sector is scarce, Sally would become frustrated when she saw that large commercial companies were actually making money from nature, by selling ‘natural products’ whilst the conservation sector struggled to find funding to conserve this very nature on which the profits of the big corporates were dependent!

As a result, the idea of producing natural products that actually contributed to nature conservation was born. In 2019, an intensively farmed arable field and a very supportive landowner was found in William Callander at the Prestonhall Estate in Midlothian, and work undertaken to convert the land to a wildflower meadow. Today, Seilich grows native and naturalised Scottish plants within this wider wildflower meadow, which they use to make their natural skincare and herbal tea products. The meadow is currently 1 acre in size; however, they hope to expand the meadow to a 7-acre site next year if funding can be found.